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Patrick Munnelly is Head of Trading & Trader Education

Patrick's multi strategy approach has delivered profitable annual returns from inception 2008. Since 2013 he has been managing investor capital through his managed accounts service, delivering annual positive returns. Patrick is currently responsible for managing a multi-million dollar portfolio.

From 2010 Patrick has personally mentored hundreds of private traders of all experience levels, from complete novices, to former CME floor traders, in developing the technical & mental skills to reap consistent returns from the markets. 

In addition to his fund management, Patrick is also a resident market expert, exclusively providing market and trade analysis to the best in class online brokerage Patrick is also Head of Trading & Trader Education for a trader education brand,, offering development and funding to retail trading talent.
Patrick Munnelly
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“Having someone like Patrick mentor me on a regular basis is an invaluable resource. With so much misinformation on the Internet and not personally having a career based in finance, I feel this programme is putting me on a path which avoids many of the pitfalls and will increase my chances of making this new career a success.”
Neville Hornsey
“Prior to the Prop Programme I had spent 2 years attending courses and webinars that left me even more confused on trading. Luckily, I was introduced to Patrick. After a couple of meetings he accepted me onto the Prop team and this changed my life and outlook on trading, both from a technical and mental perspective. Without a shadow of doubt I am trading today because of my mentor, period. The technical training is fantastic and gives you the tools to confidently enter the markets. I cannot recommend Patrick highly enough for giving me this opportunity.
Thank you guys!”
Jamie Loveridge
“Patrick’s Prop Mentoring programme has provided the structure and support for me to build the foundations of a sound trading strategy. The rigorous backtesting and critical feedback of trading rules and risk management has allowed me to refine and build confidence in my process for evaluating, entering and managing trades. I appreciate there are no shortcuts to achieving both consistency and profitability.”
Rhian Thompson
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